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I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (#130219) working in private practice on the eastside of Los Angeles. I received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles, where I specialized in LGBTQIA Affirmative Psychology. I completed my clinical training as a therapist at AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA). There, I worked with both individuals and couples on a wide range of issues, including but not limited to HIV, depression, trauma, self-esteem, anxiety and relationship difficulties. In conjunction with my private practice, I’m also working with teenagers in the role of resident advisor at Teenline, a crisis hotline for teenagers.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies and close to 15 years of experience working in the film and television industry. After a process of introspection, I discovered that my true passion lies in connecting with people, understanding human nature, and assisting others in overcoming whatever it is that is blocking them from having inner peace. My personal experience of navigating the excitement and challenges that come with working in the entertainment industry, lends to my work with clients in the creative fields. 

I view therapy as a way of satisfying our collective human desire to be seen and understood. Connecting with clients on a deeper level is one of the distinct privileges of my work. I’m passionate about helping people live the life they want. While I specialize in working with members of the LGBTQIA community and those in the entertainment industry, I’m certainly not limited to those populations. I welcome anyone who wants to work on having deeper and more meaningful relationships and who has a desire to create positive and lasting changes. 

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About Me

My approach to therapy starts with creating a safe, open and non-shaming environment where my clients feel heard, understood and supported. My style is empathic, genuine, connected and collaborative. Together, my clients and I work toward bringing the unconscious to the conscious so we can better understand the potential sources of dissatisfaction, work toward short and long term goals, and improve their self-relationship as well as their relationships with others. 

Although I view things through a psychodynamic and attachment based lens, I often take an integrative approach and pull from differing modalities based on each individual's needs. It is a true honor to walk beside my clients as they increase self-awareness and self-compassion, get unstuck, make empowering life changes, deepen personal connections, and embrace their true self so they can feel the power of living authentically. 

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Relationship difficulties

Life transitions/Career navigation


Sexual difficulties

Identity exploration

HIV (Long Term and Newly Diagnosed)

Creative types

Entertainment industry





The past often influences our relationship with ourselves and with others. Deep rooted fears and insecurities that stem from childhood can lead to anxiety, depression, lack of self-acceptance, insecurities and relational issues to name a few. Together we will reexamine the past through a lens of compassion and curiosity. This will allow you to develop a deeper understanding of your past and how it is connected to your present. Fee: $200 (50 min session)



Each relationship is unique and defined by the individual participants. Whether you’re in a monogamous, open or poly-amorous relationship, the need for connection and intimacy is the same. I provide a judgement free space where individuals can feel safe and supported. Relationships might experience sexual or emotional dissatisfaction which can lead to unsettling feelings of disconnect. Uncovering and understanding the repeated patterns that might be contributing to this is essential. In relationships, we often unintentionally trigger the others insecurity or defenses which can result in a partner(s) withdrawing or acting out. I work with relationships to address their unmet needs and increase trust and intimacy.  Fee:  $225 (50 mins session)

I know the challenges that are unique to the LGBTQIA community. Fear, shame and sense of safety may have kept many of us from acknowledging all parts of ourselves. This disconnect can lead to feelings of depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy, isolation, insecurities and difficulties in relationships. Together we will reconnect, celebrate and heal those parts that have been hidden or damaged. My goal is to help you find self-acceptance and develop a more authentic relationship with both yourself and others.   

Limited number of sliding scale spots available for those unable to afford my full fee.



Thank you!



Located in Los Feliz

Serving Silverlake, Glendale, Los Feliz, Pasadena,

Burbank and other local neighborhoods.

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